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The Night Before A Trip to St. Louis

The night before

A trip to St. Louis,

The dishes done

The clothes packed

The zippers drawn

The little bottles got

A tiny band around 5 cue tips

Cables, chargers, adaptors,

Laptop, paper, pens, a book--

All single things remembered.

The thought jitters scurry like water spiders

Apps checked in

Boxes checked off

Appliances unplugged

Outfit for the plane

Laid out across the checkered chair

Like a costume for a play.

A moment paused--

A meditation to calm,

A prayer for a flight

My mind takes a breath,

My spirit's in check

I click the last button

To turn the night off.

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Michael, this is the third poem I have read and each one made me pause and wonder at the simple beauty of your work.

Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes
Oct 11, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much George, that is so thoughtful and sweet. I appreciate the compliment and feedback and I'm glad you like my poems! Since I travel for work so much I wanted to start incorporating more about my trips. It seemed like a unique opportunity to seize upon.

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