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Promises to Keep

(On the Occasion of my Uncle Bill's bench dedication)

This day

is all we have

to live our lives

And we live it

thru honor,

To love the special ones

in our lives

all the more

is the best we can hope to do

to let them know that we are here

and we care,

And when they're gone

we keep them in our memory

and find different ways to love them

And we honor those

who are gone, but not forgot,

in a myriad of ways.

To take a walk

then sit awhile

is life itself,

in a shell,

Surveying the many manifestations

singing out thru incantations

Then we go forth

gathering the jewels of the soul,

The gold of knowing thyself,

We do

what we have said

we'd do.

Everyday we meet the sun

and stretch our hearts toward it

Because we have miles to go

before we sleep

and promises to keep,

And miles to go

before we sleep

and promises to keep.

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