Irish Nihilism

I went to see a flick

to ease the doldroms of the day,

life is mainly nothingness

and finding things to say.

I figured my position on the state of wars to come,

we all live in a hologram

resisting it is dumb.

I struggled under covers

for a moment

just to lay,

the thoughts in my head


in bed I could not stay.

I went to watch a movie screen

cuz they might know what’s up,

at least I’ll know my mouth

should not be open

it should shut.

This is not high art,

haven’t you heard?

“All real art is dead,”

That is the only worthy thought that’s floated thru my head.

I’d rather sit alone reciting words I’ve read or wrote,

A sentence is a stance

against a life that is a joke.

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