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Fall Where They May

Follow in my life path

I think I'd like that

Thoughts racing thru my head

I think I should write that,

Identifying the way you feel

Won't always make it heal,


Putting all these problems

In their own little buckets

It keeps em' separate

Don't knock em' over

Don't say fuck it.

I'll care about it this time,

Ok, done,

Now what do I do?

I keep on painting the fence,


I keep on getting the sense,


That containing these

strange reactions

is just a distraction,

My calcified pineal gland

stops me from raising my hand

Makes me sit, not take a stand

But I need to chill

I ain't living off the grid

I need Netflix and Plex,

I need these things

and yet I want to be free

so to get that, how will I be?

I'm just to idle away

the hours like flowers in a vase

slowly the petals

will fall where they may.

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