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Carve A Life

I am thinking with my soul

I was thinking with my head

How could I explain to others

How I got to where I'm at,

I was spinning round in circles

Tires spinning in the mud

Coming up with lame excuses

Like I didn't know enough.

But I'm thinking with my soul

And I took my own advice

No I ain't afraid of nothing

Except living with no life,

So I'm back up on my feet

In the saddle once again

Kicked the spurs of my intention

With invention from a pen,

And I'll carve a little life

From the thicket that I'm in

I'm on course and on my way

With my back against the wind.

I fell asleep and dreamed... that I awoke.

Like a dream, but I'm awake

There's a river that I listen to

Deep, far down beneath

Sometimes rushing

Sometimes trickling

Deep, way down below me

Always steady as it flows,

And this river that I listen to

I follow where it goes.

In this dream, while I'm awake

Every person is a symbol

And they represent themselves

All the wrong turns have a sign post

As I navigate the trails,

If I'm lost, then I will know,

As it will tell me where to go

For the water current's moving

Ever closer as I sail

Towards a truth.

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