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Always Just Begun

Your love is a financial burden--

When you hear those words

You know the strain between your ears

Is not just a chainsaw in the distance.

It took me thirty two years to write this,

But only 5 minutes to think it out,

Go figure that one.

I saw a sunbeam stream between skyscrapers and stain a statue in Central Park today.

Masks off, a family laughed,

Mask on, a woman jogged past me, wrapped in lycra.

I pulled a slice out the box from Nero's and heard him say that's what real pizza is like in Napoli.

The streets were congested like my sinuses, can't feel nothing, can't sense what's coming, can't budge a city inch, so to defeat that, I plan my next days' move.

The night needs to have an ending,

But seeds of doubt have planted like rows of corn, stalks a thousand long and ten feet high, because the sun might also rise soon.

Sleep stressant one, remember--

Your journey's always just begun.

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Cathleen Barnes
Cathleen Barnes
06. Jan. 2021

feels so complicated. takes me many places.

Gefällt mir
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