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The Eerie Dark

A measure of time,

which feels like trudging

thru thick sand

and tall reeds,

every step is treachery

and the whole sky wants to see you cry;

all you need

is that space of light

beyond your nose

that is not you

to show you a way

that is not your own

to a place where you have not been.

Before you go,

you must leave behind

all the muscle memories

of falls and scrapes,

visions of a broken past

that have kept you on a broken path,

and move forward

into the warmth

of the eerie dark.

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... move forward into the warmth of the eerie dark ...

What makes this phrase memorable to me is the word "warmth" coupled with "eerie" , or rather, "eerie dark." I carry a good number of phrases that you wrote over the years in my head as I go through my days. Your lines mingle very well with those from, say, Whitman or Dickinson and so forth, whose lines also inhabit my head.

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