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Break Away From

So purposeful

this mind

in finding and defining

effects and causes

in its path.

That door jammed shut before me hasty,

so damn that inconsiderate stranger who failed to notice me and hold it


One time I cursed

a fiesty breeze

for rattling a rusty leaf

across a dusty gravel lot

which broke the silence,

startling me so much

so that my day

was verging ruin.

The cat at any moment poises claws and fangs against my naked skin.

When I think I’m freed of outside forces

doing dirty work,

the moon conspires

against my blood,

pulls it to its polar perch,

disrupts, contorts my inner flow, then drops me back on down to earth.

I hurt so much inside and out

in quiet times I want to shout

and scream to break the nasty tension

that resides above,




and inbetween.

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