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A Changing Light

Decay disguised as beauty

crept under the facade

of the autumnal equinox

it’s more common, i find

that with growth comes death,

a changing color

on the wall of trees,

the irredeemably lush yellows

and earthen reds

overnight a bright green

in the morning is now

a bronzen orange.

For a few choice weeks

these trees light the streets

and fool me into thinking it will last.

They are for me,

if i so choose to see,

a breakthrough inbetween sight

of the timeless inner light

a shining from beyond the veil,

which then falls away

so that the natural dark

can take its turn.

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2 comentários

This poem goes right to something that we all feel.

very fine.


"night goes down to day

Nothing gold can stay"

R Frost wrote that. But yours makes each of us a decider about whether we choose to see"a shining" which is very good.

I like yours and his both.


Cathleen Barnes
Cathleen Barnes
20 de out. de 2020

Mike, I really appreciate this... The images, all the colors, but also the spirit.

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