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Facing this day

I leave my heart open,

Like a door ajar,

In spite of this day

The sun, my skin, and all it scorches

I leave my heart open,

Not waiting for a change.

Despite strange feelings

In shame

Crunched up like a balled fist

In pain

Hunched over, clutching my legs

I leave my heart open,

In place of embarrassment

Like a dream where I'm naked in the plaza

My flawed shapes

Bare for all to see

I leave my heart open,

My face toward this whooshing breeze

I let it pass thru my face,

and bones,

The air that started from 300 trees away

I leave my heart open

So it may kiss my openness.

To the friends I've wronged

And caused harm

Gotten too familiar

As if we shared an arm,

To the friends who wronged me

Took my shoes

Cuz our feet looked the same,

Turned away

And shut the door, cold

I leave my heart open.

To those bodies I don't see

Restless minds, preoccupied hands

In their cubicle, in their garden,

In their car, on their phone,

To those bodies I do see

In my mind's eye


Occupied for the long haul

Hands clasped across their chest

Eyes closed, spirit still,

I leave my heart open.

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Ray Mullineaux
Ray Mullineaux
Nov 13, 2022


I really love this poem. I thank you for sending me a message that called me back to it.

It is confession, apology and prologue to becoming your better self in full

view . I feel a nervous anxiety , for I hope for your success.


Cathleen Barnes
Cathleen Barnes
Aug 05, 2022

Mike, this is beautiful and raw. Your words made me feel your feelings. ❤️


Ray Mullineaux
Ray Mullineaux
Aug 05, 2022

I love your use of refrain, "I leave my heart open", both as connective tissue and as

performative utterance. You want to get beyond pain, shame, guilt, apology to offering.

A hope with a place of to start.

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