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What's Good?

Twice removed

Ran behind the moving car

tried to race the train.

Once improved

from a moving target

downgraded my pain.

Watching on-demand,

my services are far from in-demand,

but I've still got choices though,

so it's all okay.

Because the alternative

is deciphering the motives of the voices--

finding out just how much

I don't really know,

I'm selective-blind to simple information

that un-sophisticates my mental flow.

Get a job,

stay in your lane,

put up or shut up,

show me what you got.

Shit, I'll get off the pot

if it means that I'll avoid the mercenaries of opinion

telling me what's what.

Tell you what

hang this sign

"I've gone fishing"

to catch my voice

out in the woods,

I'll be back

when I find it

then I can really say

what's good.

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