Water Falling

Water falling sounds like-- children giggling, people whispering, babbling, trickling. Spreading thirsty rumors throughout the mill, pushing public secrets thru the private pipes until-- Exposed! someone turned the screw, forced the flow and found them out, information leaking down, down and out the rusty spout, (mindless faucet) spilling careless splashing to the basin, the sink, I think,

sighs and pouts--and the water, reluctantly, finds it's way out.


A Changing Light

Decay disguised as beauty crept under the facade of the autumnal equinox it’s more common, i find that with growth comes death, a changin...

I Used To Write

I used to write in scribbled words in warring fits in twitch-prodigeous nueron flits a passion mixed with madness fixed on changing my de...

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