The Prince With Plaque Psoriosis

Please forgive me for my bloody shameless nature I am forsaken plus I'm optimistic That's why I smile while you recoil I acquired in my soul some golden strength that wasn't listed. I took the un-askable, according to you, asked it reached for it--grasped it. My network will soon reflect my networth It all started at a party down in Petworth They only saw a dance-floor, But I saw chances in a packed room, some opportunities are just adjusted particles of dust dancing in a vacuum / : / Forgive me for my sunny nature allowed myself to turn to mist while burning vapors Said I'd get out, said I'd cut back, said I'd taper. So calling so-called truths exactly what they're not Like taking pics and filtering fake alligator logos cropped haters will say it's photoshopped-- and they'd be right / : / Grappling with emotions works wrestling while croaking verse I don't tap out or back down I find healthy ways to say these unhealthy things that come to mind because my heart is caked with grime Like if my soul had skin it'd be eroded from plaque psoriasis and now my soul I miss if only I approach with this confidence she notices to her castle, past the fence I'd save the damsel from distress I am a frog who needs a kiss so chivalrous, I'll act a Prince then maybe she will act convinced and then my life would make some sense and perhaps I'd think less dense I'd clear my mind's window of mist and receive with graciousness this new moment of relevance.

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