The Middle Ground of Lore

We discovered brutality in the beautiful and banality in the sun however scant we disregard the origins of fun. And might I note a smattering of blathering while gathering our glee, so much to hear so much to see when care for caring's free. We walked upon the trodden path filled with wonderment and song leaving no tree unclimbed, or twig unsnapped, surprise had finally come. Historic were the days that saw me often hang my head, when gloom and glum were ladder rungs I climbed into my bed. Now, having been both sides of light, a journal as our path, we became a master of two polar worlds and chose the middle ground of lore that folks had spoke of in the past. So traveling so journeying and turning with the breeze, my nose I crinkle and tilt my head toward the southern seas. Saying cheers to smells I've yet to smell and stories I've yet read, a thousand nods to higher Gods and poets who are dead. And here's to being the men and women whom we're to become, and to the boys and girls we've been. Those coats and shoes no longer fit, these new ones we'll step in. I pray our love will linger long and strong as flags in wind, Deep from my heart I share this boon Without, as well within.

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