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The Little Turtle

I kicked the ball,

all done my run,

and walked the sidewalk

by the wayside of the common

tracks of streetcars, vans, and trucks.

Round the bend, I approached, soon out,

bout twenty paces,

kneeled a man with covered hands.

As I got closer, it was clearer,

what it was he held so close:

He said, "the baby turtle, I found him, look!

I'm just helping him inside his tiny home."

The little turtle,

spry-green of shell and grey-webbed of feet,

The size of a JFK coin,

The man shown it with his fingers

where to waddle

to make it inside

the shoebox aquarium apartment home.

And on the news today

They said


The world's

On fire, out West

With flood, up North

And quake down South

And plague

And hate are all around,

And wars--the real kind

And the fake.

But all the while

this little turtle

is safe, and dry, and warm, and fed

by this man, so proud,

for saving a little life.

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