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The Eve Upon Christmas: A Hungarian Tradition

Twas the eve upon Christmas

And the night was near snow

We packed in the warm car

To my Aunt and Uncle's house we go

Driving along

Listening to old holiday tunes

The excitement began growing

Cuz we would be there soon

Dad took the long way

Thru Rock Creek Park

To see colored lights on houses

That look best in the dark

Just before we arrived

My parents urged cover your face

Or else the angels will fly away

When we enter this place

We covered our eyes as we

Walked to the door

We were greeted with blankets

To cover us more

They said get under here

So as not to disturb the angels

Let's form a caterpillar

From our heads to our ankles

As we marched up the stairs

Under cover of cloth

I heard laughing and talking

Then they took the blanket off

It was warm

There were friends

All standing with family

There was food next to drink

And a little dressed up pine tree

Sitting in a circle

We sung Christmas carols

And read funny stories

With laughs by the barrel

Then all of a sudden

They said shhh, do you hear ringing?

It sounds like a bell

That little ding-a-ding dinging

It must be the angels

All done with their work

It's time to go downstairs

Just to make sure

We chose one last song

To sing on descent

It was 'O come all ye faithful

Joyful and triumphant

We reached the landing

And I saw the big tree

All lit up with candles

With presents underneath

We gathered around

And chose one more song

One we all knew

So we could all sing along

'The first Noel

The angels did say

Was to certain poor shepards

In fields as they lay

Then we took turns

Snuffing out the candles

With a little lid heading

And a long metal handle

Finally, once we were

Done all the snuffing

We turned to each other

And got to the hugging

It was time to open presents

And stockings full of candy

The adults had glasses

Of champagne or brandy

Once all the wrapping

Had been cleaned and made neaten

The stockings had been opened

And the chocolates had been eaten

We said our goodbyes

And bundled up warm

We gathered our goodies

And moved to the door

I turned and looked back

And I grinned something slight

To quote the famous poem, I exclaimed--

Happy Christmas to all,

And to all a good night!

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2 Kommentare

Your poem captured a web of memories shared by a web of friends and relatives who shared in it for so many years. Thank you.

Gefällt mir

Cathleen Barnes
Cathleen Barnes
26. Dez. 2022

It's the beginning of a new family tradition!

Gefällt mir
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