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Passing Thru

I saw an old friend

I said how've you been?

He chose the awkward path

and actually told me:

He said I'm suffering man,

I've really been in it as of late,

I need spirituality in my life

But all the churches are closed.

So he walked outside

To commune with nature

But it was too cold,

And so that night

he read a book

Of religious riddles

And mythic prose

And wisdom poems

Then one on exploration

Thru Appalachia

To map the misted mountains

And draw the constellations,

With nothing but a loaf of bread

And a pound of tea

And a notebook to catch it all.

He skimmed the words

But got the gist,

and fell asleep

In morning clothes.

I said what’s next? Off to confession?

He laughed, meekly,

Then we shook hands

And passed each other

On the stair.

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Ray Mullineaux
Ray Mullineaux
Dec 21, 2021

I have too often violated this unwritten rule. As they text: "TMI." Glib utterance disguising

a need to scoot by in your self-absorbtion. As you describe, the resulting dialogue can bewilder

and befuddle ...provoking fear/flight/melancholia. Hard to let it just go by when the other's

bathos intrudes on your own and shades your own anxieties. Our humanity can be so raw

and so near as our horizon is theirs as well ...we are all so mortal.

Yeah, I know, i am lugubrious. if you ask... so you know how to respond next time.

Mike B son
Mike B son
Dec 22, 2021
Replying to

Uncle Ray, You never have to be short-winded in responding to my poems, I always appreciate your thoughtful responses. So keep em coming! But next time you see a friend at the grocery store, you may consider a superficial response to his "how's it Goin" even if it's Goin bad. Although, if people had more time in the day, society would be a better place if we answered more sincerely to "how ya doin"

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