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On the occasion of Meghan and Scott’s wedding

Life is what you make of it, and love, the same.

Without love, life is a lonesome road.

So we fight the lonely moments

In the face of eternity

Amidst the drama of being alone

Next to the advent of being with someone forever,

That is the beauty of love.

At once we are lost

But then we are saved

To the tune of your partner saying,

“you don’t have to ever be alone again”

And, “I’ll be there with you, no matter what, thru it all.”

Be with your love,

Do not run from it.

The force of pulling one close stirs the fear of commitment, yes,

But it is the faith in monogamy that sets you free.

Be with your love,

Run towards it.

Abandon any lurking doubts and become enlightened in your embrace.

A time in life saw a younger you covet your own emotions, protect them, acting selfish with your attention, not letting anyone in so you cannot be hurt.

Although there is wisdom in that leaning, as it may have served you then, that time has passed.

Let all the cells within you be for your lover.

It is finally okay to let your guard down. Let it down, that’s it, breathe.

And be in this moment, fully.

Gazing into your lover’s eyes

You may lose the line of where you end and they begin.

Be in this moment, totally.

Train your mind to stay present,

Taste the air,

Absorb the sun,

Feel the grains of sand beneath your feet,

Smell the leaves of grass you pass above,

Hear your name called upon the wind,

And turn to see this moment, your moment at the altar,

Performing the ancient ritual of holy matrimony,

To seal what we already knew was true—

Your love for each other is real,

Your love for each other is good,

Your love for each other is needed,

Not just by each other,

But for those who love you too.

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Ray Mullineaux
Ray Mullineaux
May 16, 2021


"To seal what we already knew was true" , a beautiful line pointing to the coda of

lines describing what was and is true but no w seems like gravity, the geometry within

which "those who love you" and Meghan and Scott exist curving all actions toward


uncle ray


Clayton Lively
Clayton Lively
May 10, 2021

Well done.


Cathleen Barnes
Cathleen Barnes
May 10, 2021


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