Mind Thoughtless

Sometimes I feel like the worst thing i could do is sit down and not write. Let life imitate art instead of art imitate life, let light imitate dark instead of dark imitate light, stare at a star spangled sky on a late July night and have nothing, no things, nothing to say. It's embarrassing, so cold in a mind-thoughtless rhyme scheme "act your age," or I'm so told. I don't trust rabbits who ribbit or parrots who eat carrots, or ferrets on errands or parents who don't punish burning trees with their teens but claim to serve as deterrents Repeating "do as I say, but not as I do" I need a living example

I cannot model a fool,

To play my role as a man, I'm beyond acting cool. My resume reads: I'm the opposite of retarded a hard working smart worker a self-examined self-starter. And there's no way in hell I'd take an hour cigarette break! Or text while I'm working I've got honor and integrity. I prefer ten minute naps over 5 Hour Energy I eat granola, no chips, I don't drink sodas, just water

and I'm no high flown author or poet

I'm simply a blogger.


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