I Used To Write

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

I used to write

in scribbled words

in warring fits

in twitch-prodigeous

nueron flits

a passion mixed with madness fixed on changing my depression

a tweaking of the medicine,

untangling indiscretions.

Thoughts raced by

like fireflies

to describe myself

I looked outside

and tried to bottle lightning


articulately measuring the volts

connecting unconnected steps

the endlessness produced

madenning effects

from tearing hair and pounding chest

then back to

imagining galaxies

the lengths Id go to be away from me

but now that train has collapsed,

the news has finally broke

my brain’s derailed

my soul’s set sail

I fear I have awoke.

Until I’m back on course

and when I know just what to do

Ill dance with metaphors

around the point i mean to make

I’ve gone insane and broke apart like an heirloom dropped and shattered

but I’ve come back whole for heaven’s sake

the point im really trying to make

i need a goddam

fucking break!

So there!

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