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Concerned with what I'm compelled by

Me, human, from the hands of God commanded,

A bundle of tendencies,

a bale of habits,

I lean when I walk,

drag my feet when I need to pick up slack,

hurry up when I've got nowhere to go,

When I see a sunset

I breathe and reflect

on the spilled-paint canvas, the vastness, the sky.

Perception is king

I rehearse everything

from the dance in the kitchen

to the song that I sing,

I can't help but to match

the sounds of words to a rhyme

seems I'm stuck in a loop

feeding back on my mind,

I feel down when I'm faced

to the things that I want

and I can't muster the motive

to go out and run,

Yet other times that wall

compels me to climb

then I feel so much better

like this life's really mine.

See I'm born with a limit

on the things I can know

so I can't understand,

everything's not to know,

I could focus on anything,

so I need a neon sign glow,

to tell me what's open,

and to tell me what's closed.

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