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Family (on the occasion of my Uncle Bill's Remembrance)

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Those who love us

Must one day leave us,

And to those who we love

We must one day leave.


Tiny scenes that extend as wide as the horizon

They play over and over in the mind

Like a sweet berry

That you can pick off the vine

Which grows back

Whenever you want to revisit that person

And visit that time, and that feeling, existing brief, finite, fleeting,

Once and only once, never to occur again--

and at the same time expansive, timeless, perfect in its' frame on the wall of the mind,

to be with

and behold

and to cherish.

I believe he is with us right now,

And you very well may nod and agree.

Or you might say, what do you mean?

I'd say sure, I don't see him

like I see you,

And you can't see him

like you can see me.

But I don't need to see oxygen

To trust that I'm breathing air,

I don't need to see the sun

To see what the sun illuminates,

So if he lights up our faces

When we talk of him

Thinking of him fondly,

If our eyes well up

In sadness,

In gratitude,

We can see that we are illuminated by him

Just like the sun that shines on everything.

That's how I know

If we continue to love each other

And talk of him

Not miss, but reminisce,

Then he is not gone

He is with us right now

And thru the way that we love him

We can be with him.

Those we love

Will one day leave,

And if you say they leave

I say it's thru love we stay.

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