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Early On You

We will all our heads look

sunk and strange

once we're in the ground,

so while we are above it

best we keep them on our shoulders.

Cool when the weather turns hot,

warm when the night turns cold.

What matters, to ourselves,

is what we say we'll do

and how we do what was said,

until that changes,

then that will matter too.

Stressed we are when stretched

across the rack

our reputation and our station,

better ration while we have the smokes,

not burn em' cuz we hold em.

To act as if tomorrow comes

creates a worthy you today.

If beads are slung awild

then the sacrament is lost.

If sin were measured every now,

we'd all be on our best.

So if it tallies, make it count,

yes all the days have numbers,

and you won't know until too late,

no you won't know

until that day

is early on you.

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1 comentario

"early on you " is a very nice turn of words.

Living like there's "no tomorrow" is a hard option to follow.

This is 'way cool --

"To act as if tomorrow comes

creates a worthy you today."

The rush from "yes all the days have numbers..." to the end is wonderful in sound and in sense.

Thank you.

Me gusta
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