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Breathe Deep

There is a quiet in my spirit,

I heard it outside first.

Beyond the yelling

The panicked driving

In the cashier's teen-face telling

them whats right from wrong.

I see the clashing, thru-mud name-dragging,

Defaming a once good name

Casting shadows full of blame,

The ailing for a wellness

While dwelling in an illness

The partie's always endless

When you're running from yourself.

But here i feel a stillness

The chaos has turned quiet,

So good to feel the air and hear it--a sweetness

in my sloven soul.

It gets easier with time, they say,

To eat the grief,

one bite at a time,

but so deep in the mind it's stuck, it guides the feet,

from down beneath,

the therapy it costs so much,

the grief it seems was gotten cheap--

A life is worth more than the wind it floats away on,

So breathe deep.

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Ray Mullineaux
Ray Mullineaux
16 трав. 2021 р.

"It guides the feet from down beneath" : love its truth; the line break is



Clayton Lively
Clayton Lively
16 трав. 2021 р.

The line about cost hits home.

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