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A Wolf and The Sheep

In speaking of things lost,

I believe that I once believed,

And I will believe again,

In myself.

We cannot go so far from home

That there is no turning back,

You can end where you begin

The earth is round and flat.

Cumbersome, I ripped a nail

Trying to hang the shelf,

Mutilate my reputation

so I edit my resume, on occasion,

Mark the thief of information

To separate the lies,

I drink the facts thru distillation,

A sedentary brew.

A change of scenery, some fresh air,

The doc says that'll do

I made the tune up on the spot,

I couldn't read the sheet

I tap my toes to match the song

I couldn't catch the beat,

Call me jazz man, call me sir,

Just call me to check in,

I'm usually a wolf,

Although a sheep I've lately been.

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