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about me

I was raised up in a regular ol' suburb of Washington D.C., on the Maryland side of things. I now reside in Baltimore county, just north of the city limits.  I completed my undergraduate degree at The University of Maryland at College Park with a bachelor's in English Literature and Language. 

I have been writing most of my life, and I started to write poetry in high school.  Throughout college, I pursued a career in hip hop, both performing and producing shows.  I considered hip hop to be the most direct way to cause a reaction in a listener from the poetry I wrote, and I found that producing my own shows was the easiest way to ensure that I had stage time to perform.

The fast life is now over, the dream has changed.  I now work a 9 to 5 job like a regular Joe, and until another creative idea compels me, I will publish poetry and record my podcast and put them on this site.  On my podcast, I read the poems that I have published here on multi verse poetry dot com.  The idea is that you get the experience of hearing me read my own work, you can follow along and read the poems on the website, and I also talk about what went into writing the poems, along with commentary on various other topics of interest. 

To consider this section a "biography," I will need to live longer, take on a more distinguished hue to my beard, earn more days on this earth, and gather more wisdom.  So until then, this section is just called "about me."

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